What Makes Your Name A Divine Blessing?

See What Others Are Feeling!


"What a gift. I didn't know how much power and inspiration my name has. I wake up every morning very excited, grateful and blessed. I repeat my divine name -I am affirmations and I must say my friends have noticed the difference in my aura. Thanks K. this has been a life awakening moment for me. Invaluable indeed."



"The best thing that ever happened to me was to receive my divine name affirmation. I have it on my bathroom mirror, on my fridge and on my wall in the bedroom, on all my screens. This new routine makes me come alive. I feel like I just existed and now I am living life. Keep it up! awesome, awesome, awesome. I don't feel so empty anymore."



"I never believed in affirmations until I had a heartbreak. I felt lost and alone. Being a male I thought this was something only females do. Alas! was I wrong. I feel so inspired and happier this days. If you want something that helps you change your negative state, I suggest you get your divine name affirmations. Don't overthink it. Just do it"


I Am Joyful
I Am
I Am
I Am
I Am
I Am Julie


Why are the words I Am so powerful?

The words I AM are so powerful because anything you say after you affirm you become.

How often should I use the I AM affirmation?

Make it a routine to at least affirm when you wake up and the last thing before you sleep.

Can my name affirmation help me with negative thinking?

Yes. As a matter of fact anytime you have negative thoughts make it a habit to tune into your name affirmation to change the vibration of your negative thought.

Can anyone including children benefit from this affirmation?

Yes, this "I AM" affirmation may be a creative way to boost confidence and self-esteem in everyone.

Can the AI Personal Growth/Romance Concierge help?

Yes, the AI Personal Growth?Romance Concierge can support you in your journey.

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