What’s Holding You Back? 5 Ways to Break Free from Negative Self Sabotage


By Katinda Ndola | Author of  The Big Comeback What is fear and why does the “Power of Fear” control people’s lives and destiny? I was on a Cruise in the Pacific, the day I realized that fear was just a made up illusion a notion that is both very real for most people, yet not real at all. I was basking in the sun while watching my son swimming in the pool when a guy…

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I Am Not Good Enough – Syndrome

I Am Not Enough Syndrome

By Katinda Ndola | Author of The Big Comeback Why does the voice in the back of your head drive you crazy? The negative self-talk that controls what you do and how you do it. Many a times you believe that you are not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough and the list just goes on and on. On a recent facebook live broadcast I asked the beautiful young women in the live broadcast…

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Open The Door & Do These 3 Things

Katinda Ndola| Author of The Big Comeback Today is a good day to open that door. You know what door? The door if you are having one of those moments or days or in the middle of one of those cycles. The cycles where if it’s not one thing it’s another . And you feel like you are hanging by a thread. Open that door and take a deep breath. Literally step away from the confusion,…

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Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

“I became aware of my looks in my teens and felt so confident that I went to modelling school,” she said. “Beauty is the bomb and, if you’re lucky enough to have it, it’s like winning the genetic lottery.”Conversely, Ms Ndola said her looks caused her to be cautious of people’s intentions when she first met them, and she was aware that women felt threatened and men found her intimidating.She was also conscious that people…

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7 Ways To Be More Confident Everyday

You don’t have to take a trip to the ends of the earth in search of more confidence. Everything you need is already within yourself. It’s all about finding the strategies that help you set it free. Source: How To Be More Confident

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4 Ways To Avoid Technology Addiction In Kids

We’re all a little guilty of spending too much time cradling our technology and not enough time engaging with family and friends. But how can you tell when a tech habit has reached another level? Here’s what to do if you suspect your child is addicted to technology. Source: 4 Ways To Avoid Technology Addiction In Kids

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