Your Message To The Universe Book:

Leave A Spiritual Legacy In Your Family, Or You Leave No Legacy At All.



Dear Citizens of the world,

Hi my name is Katinda Ndola and I am the Author of "Your Message To The Universe" book and host of your message to the universe show podcast, where real people talk about their life journeys, hopes, regrets and dreams for the future of the world.

I am writing to invite you to become a voice and co-author of"Your Message To The Universe" book because your life story is your unique contribution to the world and it reveals your human spirit.

“The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live”. Ethel Percy Andrus

And remember the mantra….one person may not change the world, but they may change the world for one person. It only takes one for the ripples to spread. Be that person.

It’s time to contribute from the heart and not just the pocket.

As a co-author in this “Your Message To The Universe” Book – brought to life by Katinda Ndola, Author, Empowerment & Inspirational Speaker, you will create an opportunity for the thinkers of the world to take action and make the world a better place.

Due December 2017, you will be a part of a global collective of 300 futuristic ambassadors to the world, which will raise awareness to the importance of living and not just existing.

In this done-for-you project you will receive:

❀ Pages attributed to you as a co-author with your message.
❀ Inclusion of your photograph.
❀ 1 copy of the book "Your Message To The Universe".
 The opportunity to be published alongside other world ambassadors.
 Opportunity to purchase additional copies of the book.
 Opportunity to share your message with the world on different platforms.

If you accept, we will be humbled, as your story will inspire everyone it touches, and here at "Your Message To The Universe" we are expecting to touch millions.

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Thank you so much for your consideration,

~ Katinda Ndola

Co-Author & Host Your Message To The Universe Show


This is an opportunity to leave your legacy and message to the world when you die. What would you like to be remembered for? The book "Your Message To The Universe" is an inspirational worldwide venture in which 300 people will take part in this extra-ordinary venture to create more awareness and compassion to the people of the world.

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