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She's wearing makeup? Oh that must mean she wants guys to look at her and cat call her and make her feel uncomfortable. Her thighs are visible in that dress? She was practically begging for it... Wasn't she. "She was so drunk! She just doesn't remember consenting to it!". She has a top on, but look, is that cleavage.... She's asking for us to stare at her tits instead of at her eyes when she talks. "She's a slut, of course she wanted it."

Women are not sexual objects that you can choose to use if you feel like it. If they say "no" or "stop" or "I don't want to", don't force them into shit or continue doing whatever you wanted to do... She said no for a reason. Don't assume they want it cause they wear makeup and don't call her a slut because her dress isn't down to her knees. We aren't objects and you can't just make us do what you want or "need"

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