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The Effects Of Low Self-esteem

  • Low Self-esteem can lead to negative feelings and the belief you are not good enough.
  •  Trying new things seems daunting because you might not believe that any good could come of it.
  • It can be easy to neglect things like sleep, food and exercise when you have low self-esteem because you don’t care about yourself or your wellbeing.

This 6 Weeks Extensive Transformational Program Is For You If:

    • Your Confidence Has Been Undermined Due To Challenging Life Events Like Domestic Violence, Relationship Breakdown, A Work Situation Or A Series Of "Things Going Wrong" In Personal Or Family Life.
    • You want to develop a Positive Mindset.
    • Can dedicate 2 hours a week for up to 6 weeks.
    • Are willing to release and let go any fears & blockages.
    • Are willing to take MASSIVE ACTION & follow instructions.
    • Are willing to be consulted over the phone, and through our "Who Stole My Power" Empowerment Membership Site.

    In This 6 Weeks Extensive Transformational Program You'll learn:

    • The 4 Steps Of Eliminating Limiting Beliefs - Negative Self Talk.
    • Discover The 6 Steps To The Power of Positive Thinking.
    • The Seamless 7-Step Process Of How To Love Yourself First -Self Love.
    • The Power Of Writing A Love Letter To Your Loving Self.
    • Learn The 4 Tips To Stop Procrastination From Ruining Your Life.
    • How To Take Action And Unleash Your Magic To The World.

    You'll also get Free Access to these 2 Undeniable Bonuses:

    • The 7-Point "How To Spot A Potentially Abusive Relationship" (Valued At $97)
    • A Free 45 Minute Clarity Session To Help Ensure You Achieve Your Goals Quickly. (Valued At &180)

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