Welcome To Australia Mentoring Program:





Mentoring & Coaching to Your Success 

  • *Are you feeling overwhelmed about your BIG trip to Australia?
  • *Are you feeling scared and wondering how you will overcome the fears of change and the culture shock in a new Country?
  • *Do you need someone to support and guide you to settle in Australia?
  • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions - I'd love to help you get the solutions you need.

What We Do Is:

  • *Pre-Departure Strategy Call
  • *Arrival  Strategy Call
  • *Ongoing Support & Mentoring

Pre-Departure Strategy Call

Everyone knows that it's a challenge to study in a new Country, with different cultures and  systems. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here to support you to overcome any fears you might have.

In our call we will provide you with answers to all the important things you need to know about Australia. This will include the banking systems, telephone and internet systems, airport pickup, accomodation, employment, culture and etiquette and any other concerns you might have.

The duration of the call is 1 hour.

We speak via Skype.

Arrival Strategy Call

Welcome to Australia the land of Kangaroos, Koalas and Emu's.

In this call, we will show you where to get the services as discussed in the Pre-departure strategy session and answer any questions you might have.

Session - 1 Hour

Ongoing Mentoring and Support

This is an ongoing program that supports and guides you on any challenges you will come across. Some of the challenges you will face are:




*Culture shock

*Lack of confidence and self-esteem

*Emotional pain

*Anxiety to mention a few.



The good news is, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and you have the opportunity to join the The Welcome To Australia Mentoring Program right now.

The bad news is, I am only accepting 5 people this week and the signups keep rolling in.

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