Is that you behind the mask? Be prepared to catch the love bug. Symptoms may include spontaneous smiles, laughter, and heartwarming moments....

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Valentines Masquerade Soiree

Masked Mysteries * Cupid Mischief *  Love Potion Cocktails * Dance Fever

Is that you behind the mask?

Date: Friday, 09 Feb 2024
Time: 7:00Pm -12:00Am
Venue: Bells Hotel, 157 Moray St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia 

Behind Every Mask Lies a Tale...

This Valentine's, join us for an evening where stories unfold behind enchanting masks, Love, laughter, and a touch of the unknown. Can you decode the whispers?

cupid's mischief

Unmask Love: Valentine's  Masquerade Soiree

Indulge in an evening of elegance, mystery, dance and culinary delights at our exclusive Valentine's Masquerade Cocktail Soiree. 

Escape the mundane and lose yourself behind a mask, take a new name, dance with your eyes closed and indulge in the mystery.

This is a night like you’ve never experienced before. Throw all social mores out the window and dance with a total stranger. Act like an artist from Venetian Carnival.

Masked Glamour Awaits: Wear your most enchanting mask and step into a world where love is unmasked, and mysteries unfold.
Love Potion Elixir: Sip on specially crafted love potion cocktails, perfectly paired with the evening's romantic atmosphere.
Gourmet Canapés: Indulge in a selection of gourmet canapés, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your culinary experience.
Dance Under the Stars: Lose yourself in the rhythm of love with a live band and DJ setting the stage for a night of enchanting dance.
Sweet Endings: Savor decadent desserts and delightful surprises that sweeten the air with the taste of love.

Dress code 

Glamorous/Cocktail attire with a touch of mystery.
Masks are must!
Colours of love: Red, black, pink with a touch of gold.

Don't miss this special once in a life time experience!

Let the Valentine's Masquerade Soiree be the backdrop to your love story. Join us for a celebration where every masked moment is a step into the extraordinary.

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General Admission (Early Bird)

Valid Till 31-12-2023


General Admission 


VIP - Guest

Excitement galore!

"As the day approaches for the Masquerade Soiree, I feel anticipation hanging in the air like a sweet melody. The mere thought of donning a mysterious mask and stepping into a world of enchantment fills me with excitement and intrigue. The invitation alone hints a night of magic and glamour." 

Rick - Valentine's Masquerade Lover

The Countdown is on!

"The joy in my heart is undeniable.  I am looking forward to a night of connection, romance, laughter and maybe who knows! Something mysterious might happen."


Cathy - Valentine's Masquerade Lover

Love is in the air!

"I have always wondered, where do humans go to find each other. I am looking forward to connecting with a beautiful soul so we can dance this thing called life together."

Alan - Valentine's Masquerade Lover


What is the dress code for the masquerade Soiree?

The dress code is glamorous/cocktail attire with a touch of mystery. Masks are a must to fully embrace the enchanting atmosphere. 

What is the dress code colour theme?

Colours of love: Red, black, pink with a touch of gold.

Can I bring a date to the event?

Absolutely! The more, the merrier. Feel free to bring a date and share the magic of the night together.

What kind of masks should we have?

All females to wear a black pussy cat lace mask. Men to wear any mask they choose. Contact us for mask details.

Will there be food served at the event?

Certainly! Gourmet canapés and delightful treats will be provided to tantalize your taste buds throughout the evening.

Are there any VIP experiences available for the event?

Yes, there are exclusive VIP packages available, offering unique perks and privileges. Contact us for more details.

Is there a designated area for stargazing?

Yes, we may have a designated area for stargazing. Careful, you might get whisked away by a daring stranger to reveal your innermost desires…

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YouR exclusive love experience

You are just one step away from exploring and experiencing romance.




General Admission (Early Bird) 

Valid Till 31-12-2023



General Admission 



VIP - Guest 

Only 30 left

Early Access Elegance
Love Portion Elixir
Private Lounge Retreat
Surprise Gift 

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