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21 Fun Ways To Help Your Partner Orgasm

"I'm coming." - Scream - Scratch - OMG -YES - YES -YES!!!

What a beautiful way to make her happy. Is this the reaction you want from them? To unlock the world of passion: Dive into sensual discoveries with our exclusive Sacred Energy Exchange (sex) magazine - your gateway to intimate enlightenment ! 

Did You Know That


Women are tired of having bad sex?

And also they are tired of being quiet about bad sex?


seduction begins in the mind

Why is it Important To Blow Your Partner's mind?

 Focusing on your partner's orgasm encourages a willingness to explore and try new things in the bedroom. This exploration can lead to a more exciting and dynamic sexual relationship.

Prioritizing your partner's orgasm helps create a positive and supportive sexual environment. This environment is conducive to open communication about desires, boundaries, and fantasies.

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Small Steps to bliss

Have you ever come across these challenges with your lover?

"I have a splitting headache not today honey."
"You don't turn me on anymore." 
"I'm not in the mood for sex right now."
"You are the worst lover I have ever met."
"Go learn some skills."

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Helping your partner achieve orgasm is not only an essential aspect of sexual satisfaction but also plays a crucial role in fostering emotional intimacy, safety and connection.

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You can be a world class lover too

"When me and my boys talk, we think we know how to please women. I just learned that I could be a better lover by communicating and asking my lover's needs so that we could have a fulfilling sex life. What a surprise!"

Roger - Ballarat 

A Few Questions To Ask Your Lover...

Sex Positions 

What are your favourite sex positions?


Is there anywhere on your body you don’t like to be touched?

Sexual Fantasy

What’s something sexual you hesitated to try but ended up loving?

Sex Toys

Which sex toys do you like to use during sex?


What kind of protection do you use during sex?

Sexual Aftercare

Do you like to cuddle after sex, or do you prefer to have some space?

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