Katinda Ndola| Author of The Big Comeback

Today is a good day to open that door. You know what door? The door if you are having one of those moments or days or in the middle of one of those cycles. The cycles where if it’s not one thing it’s another . And you feel like you are hanging by a thread.

Open that door and take a deep breath.

Literally step away from the confusion, drama and the pain and OPEN THAT DOOR and go for a long walk, take a bath or shower and listen to some soul soothing music. You are not required to stand and watch every second of every day. And that thin thread… It’s made of steel and you know that you will get through this.

Believe that better days are coming your way.

Taking that break will restore and strengthen you. Right now that is the only little step you need to take. And if you are doing fabulous right now, how about sharing this post or message so that those who could use the encouragement, will find it. ❤






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