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"I am so excited. Why? Because I cannot believe I am in my 40's and thought I knew a thing or two about relationships and intimacy. I am blown away by some of the profound messages Katinda shares with us. As a matter of fact, I have implemented some of the principles and to tell the truth, I can see a big shift in the trajectory of my relationship with my lady. I didn't know that taking time to learn your partner's love language was a key factor to a beautiful relationship. Thank you Katinda"

James T.
James T.

"Where do broken hearts go? Well, I must say how grateful I am to have come across the Relationship & Intimacy Daily Energy Dose 101. It's taken me so long to get over my ex and now I know how to navigate the relationship and Intimacy terrain. I feel amazing not only because I have a go to daily guide but also because I am learning so much about intimacy and love. I believe I will be better at the relationship game from now onwards. Wish me luck!  Thanks K. "

Adut M.
Adut M.

Relationship & Intimacy Daily Energy Dose 101

I don't know if I should share this message with you, because just feeling the love and gratitude will make you want to experience it.


Most adults in the planet have one thing in common. They have not mapped out how to have successful relationships. They don't know who to turn to for love & intimacy lessons.

Is this true for you?

And you know what else, our bodies are actually wired for pleasure. So how did you decide to fall in love, to make love or to fall out of love?

Begin your day with love, positivity and gratitude in your heart. What you get is a Relationship & Intimacy Daily Energy Dose 101 via email daily (weekend excluded).

It's time for you to give yourself permission to be happy, grateful, loved and more importantly fulfilled for a $1 per day (the cost of a lollipop).

Just remember, "sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes it is now or never."

Let's start the journey together.

Just $1 a Day!

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