Sisterhood is Powerful - Don't let your struggles make you weak. Together we can change the world and become the voice for those who are suffering in silence.

Katinda Ndola, The Leading Mindset Expert

What Is Confidence And Self-Esteem Sisterhood Club?

Confidence and Self-Esteem Sisterhood Club is an online worldwide community for women, who want to be fearless, awesome, live life to the full potential while unleashing their magic into the world.

The sisterhood is a platform for women to connect, Inspire, support and empower each other to make the world a better place. It's also a resource for great ideas, everyday problem solving and sharing and also the amazing get-togethers and retreats of a lifetime.

This is a place to feel safe, supported, appreciated and encouraged in whatever life throws at you. You will have an accountability sister to make sure that you take small steps of action and progress everyday. It's a life-changing fun place, life-changing truths, stories and life-changing friendships.

Reasons to join the Sisterhood Club


Join the Movement

I have made my decision to be happy and I will take action right now!

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Help Us Inspire, Support, Empower & Educate Women affected By Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Shame.

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Help Us Support And Empower Women Whose Confidence Has Been Undermined Due To Challenging Life Events Like Domestic Violence, Relationship Breakdown, Sexual Abuse & Shame.

Every month a Bevy of beauties will be selected to Join our "Who Stole My Power Program" for FREE.

Your donation would be used in a number of important ways to assist women regain their life, self-esteem, self-worth & self-love through programs that empower and inspire them.

Every contribution makes a huge difference to the support and assistance we can provide women experiencing family violence, relationship breakdown, sexual abuse & shame.

What Keeps Me Up At Night? Can I Place A Finger On It?


Reasons to join the Sisterhood Club

❀   You are not alone - we are here to Inspire, Support, Empower & Educate you.

❀   We are Sisters in crime. Only a sister can understand what another sister is going through.

❀   Fantastic member only discounts, offers and opportunities.

❀   Our social media community is buzzing and ready to support you, tag you, tweet you and get you out there.

❀   If you need one on one support, our Who Stole My Power is tailored to suit  your individual needs.

❀   If you need business training either for yourself or your team, look no further than our The Freedom Society Training.

❀   If you would like to go for a once in a lifetime epic, educational & fun adventure, travel or cruise to exotic & surprise locations, then you can start dreaming and ticking off your bucket lists.

Benefits Of Joining The Sisterhood Club

❀ A Safe Heaven to Share

❀ Invitation To Our Private Facebook Group

❀ A One on One 15 Minute Self-Discovery Session

❀ Invitations To Workshops

❀ Invitations To Our Yearly Epic Education Secret Retreat

❀ Monthly Question And Answer Session

❀ Ask A Sister For Help

❀ Sister To Sister Accountability

❀ Life-Changing Fun Place

❀ Life-Changing Truths

❀ Life Stories And Life-Changing Friendships.

❀ Brainstorm Solutions To Challenges

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