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-----------------------December 2016--------------------------

Date: Saturday December 3rd, 2016.

Time: 10am-4pm

Venue: To be advised:

Ask yourself this question Am I Beautiful or Average? What is Self-Love? Why do I need it & what's holding me back? Why do I Self-Sabotage my life?  What am I afraid of? Why do I have low self-esteem and body image challenges? In this workshop you will discover who you are and what is stopping you from unleashing your magic into the world while living your life to the fullest. You will explore your Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Confidence  and your body image as well as strategies to support you.

Yes I Can Get My Power Back!

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Help Us Inspire, Support, Empower & Educate Women affected By Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Shame.

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Help Us Support And Empower Women Whose Confidence Has Been Undermined Due To Challenging Life Events Like Domestic Violence, Relationship Breakdown, Sexual Abuse, Shame & Financial Difficulties.

 Every month a number of these ladies will be invited to Join our "Who Stole My Power Program"  at no cost to themselves.

Your donation would be used in a number of important ways to assist women regain their life, self-esteem, self-worth & self-love through programs that empower and inspire them. Every contribution makes a huge difference to the support and assistance we can provide women experiencing family violence, relationship breakdown, sexual abuse & shame.

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