How to spot a potentially abusive relationship

Discover our "free" guide to understanding what the definition of Domestic Abuse is & also understand the physical and emotional cost of abuse.

  • Get clarity & understanding on what domestic abuse is.
  • Be alert and recognize signs of physical abuse.
  • Get to know the signs of emotional abuse.
  • Get to recognize what financial abuse looks like.
  • Get to know the characteristics of an abuser.

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I am free at last. I saw this checklist on facebook and what a delight. I will be careful in the future. Thanks K

Taylor Keith Taylor Keith

OMG what can I say. I was so excited after downloading this Free checklist. I did not realise I have always been in abusive relationships, every one of them. Girls be careful! I have enrolled in the full 6 week program too. Thank you! Thank you!

Christina Vani Christina Vani

Reading this checklist gave me goosebumps. Everyone I know is going through some level  of the various forms of abuse. I did not realise that there are so many forms of Intimate Partner Violence. Thanks Katinda for the clarity.

Corryna James Corryna James