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Ask yourself this question. Am I willing to live my life to its full potential? Am I willing to unleash my magic and power into the world and achieve greatness?

Join Us In The One Day To Your Greatness Workshop & Radically Improve Your Life.

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What is Sexual Confidence Empowerment?  Why do I need empowerment? One question you need to ask yourself is have I been sexually disempowered and shamed? Have I been cheated on, cheated, been called a "slut", had sex as a duty, forced to have sex, had an STI and the list continues................

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She's wearing makeup? Oh that must mean she wants guys to look at her and cat call her and make her feel uncomfortable. Her thighs are visible in that dress? She was practically begging for it... Wasn't she. "She was so drunk! She just doesn't remember consenting to it!". She has a top on, but look, is that cleavage.... She's asking for us to stare at her tits instead of at her eyes when she talks. "She's a slut, of course she wanted it."

Women are not sexual objects that you can choose to use if you feel like it. If they say "no" or "stop" or "I don't want to", don't force them into shit or continue doing whatever you wanted to do... She said no for a reason. Don't assume they want it cause they wear makeup and don't call her a slut because her dress isn't down to her knees. We aren't objects and you can't just make us do what you want or "need"

Join us in this Empowerment & Educational Journey to Discover more about your sexual self.

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What is Vagina Warrior? This workshop is for everyone that has a vagina.

The vagina is such a precious part of human life, so why don’t we talk about it more? Women always shy away from this sensitive topic of discussion, but why?

We should never be afraid to openly discuss vaginal dramas because this jewel is so precious in every woman's life and it needs some TLC from you.

This workshop will offer strategies of how to get comfortable with the one part of your body that you are ashamed to talk about, as well as offer tools on how to improve your relationship with your precious jewel while giving her special TLC.

 It's All About Her Ladies!

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Help Us Inspire, Support, Empower & Educate Women affected By Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Shame.

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Help Us Support And Empower Women Whose Confidence & Self Respect Has Been Undermined Due To Challenging Life Events Like Domestic Violence, Relationship Breakdown, Sexual Abuse, Shame & Financial Difficulties.

Your Gift will Help & Support Women attend the "Vagina Warriors Upcoming Workshops" at no cost to themselves.

Your donation will also be used in a number of important ways to assist women regain their life, self-esteem, self-worth & self-love through programs & workshops that empower, educate, support and inspire them.

Every contribution makes a huge difference to the support and assistance we can provide women experiencing family violence, relationship breakdown, sexual abuse & shame.

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