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Safer sex means doing things that will reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection, or an unplanned pregnancy and where you and your sexual partner feel safe and comfortable.

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I’ll never forget the moment I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. I was in tears, shock and very afraid.

Shakira, California

I’ll never forget the time I went to the doctor because I was so itchy and found out I had an STI.

Taylor, Airport West

I’ll never forget the time I was too drunk to care and had unprotected sex and got pregnant and contracted an STI too.

Michaela, South Melbourne

I I’ll never forget the time I had sex with multiple partners without protection and any care in the world about the consequences. Now I look back and I cannot believe how silly I was then.

Simone, Blacktown

I’ll never forget the time I had to tell my parents I was having sex and I was having burning sensations in my private parts.

Stella, Caulfield

I’ll never forget the time my father found me masturbating and I could never look him in the eyes ever again. I still feel ashamed even to this day.

Viola, Double Bay

I’ll never forget the time my kid stood there watching his mum and dad having wild sex. She started to cry and said daddy don’t hurt my mummy.

Samara, Chadstone

I’ll never forget the day my boyfriend tricked me during sex and removed the condom. They call it stealthing. Girls be on the lookout guys are not very nice anymore. I got infected with a nasty STI.

Tamara, Houston

I’ll never forget the time I had sex for the first time it was nasty and painful.

Mariah, London

I’ll never forget when the condom slipped out and got stuck inside me. I was hysterical.

Charlie, Toorak

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