Dear friend of Katinda Ndola,

We are very excited on the upcoming release of Katinda Ndola’s book titled The Big Comeback: Beyond Abuse Guidebook, and we would like to invite you to join us and benefit from the successful launch that Black Card Books has laid out for this book.

Katinda Ndola, the author of The Big Comeback, wants to help women who are homeless, affected by domestic violence, sexual violence and shame and refugees. So, she plans on giving away 100,000 copies of this book to people in need on the streets of Nairobi, villages that are in remote areas, refugee centres, slums and schools across Kenya.

The way the program works is that you purchase books from Katinda, but here’s the twist.  You give them back to her. She then, will distribute them to homeless women, villages that are in remote areas, refugee centres, slums and schools across Kenya on your behalf. Or you may like to take the opportunity to distribute these books to organizations or individuals you feel would benefit.

It’s a fabulous program to get this message of hope and inspiration into the hands of the people who need it the most. You now have an opportunity to participate in the recovery of thousands of women whose confidence and self-esteem has been undermined.  They are blown away when they receive these books for FREE. Many are going through the horrors of domestic violence, divorce, homelessness and are on their way to achieve their greatness. Now, you can participate.

Now, you can participate. 

Become a sponsor!  

We are asking individuals and corporations to sponsor this book. By sponsoring this book giveaway program, you are doing something to help the plight of people in need and assisting in improving the community. Each book will have a sticker acknowledging your support. Corporate logos can appear if desired.

“The Big Comeback has life-changing wisdom and action steps on each page.  To change your life, you must change your programming. This book will help you do that!”

– Hon. Rachel Kamweru 

Gender consultant.

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What Are People Saying About The Big Comeback?

Hon. Rachel Kamweru

“The Big Comeback has life-changing wisdom and action steps on each page. To change your life, you must change your programming. This book will help you do that!” Reading this book has been a turning point for me because it has awakened the inner self.

Twitter: Rachel R Kamweru

Hon. Rachel Kamweru, Gender Consultant.
Anja Celine Pedersen

This book is based on real life experience which is the best way to achieve great knowledge. Be prepared to change your life and be inspired to a different level.

Anja Celine Pedersen , Film Director, Norway
Sarah Akamo

The Big Comeback, written by an ordinary, everyday woman highlights her extraordinary achievement and ability to overcome setbacks and use them advantageously as a reminder to all of us that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Sarah Akamo, Founder Grace: West Melbourne Families Against Domestic Violence Inc.
Josie Kearsey


Katinda, you truly understand the essence of being a woman, your wisdom is ageless and grounded, this book will change lives for the better.

Josie Kearsey, Director Klass Events
Zione Walker

"Katinda shares her experiences as a way to support and enable others and this book cuts to the chase about ways to grab every opportunity that life presents".

Zione Walker, Lawyer and Social Entrepreneur
Efrosyni Adamides

Very powerful read for women, for young ladies, for anyone who has ever struggled with self-esteem issues and fears.  This is a must read. Katinda shares from the heart and you won’t be able to put the book down. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Efrosyni Adamides, Mentor, Passionate Freedom Creator, Trainer

“Mediocrity is easy for those who live in fear. It’s easy to settle when you are scared of failing—scared of expecting more from yourself. In her book, Katinda breaks your boundaries and builds a new foundation based on self-love. She invites you to take a good hard look in the mirror and acknowledge all the things you love about yourself. Use this to dive deep into the world of self-improvement to achieve the things you were always made to believe you couldn’t, and to make your big comeback.”

—Minh Tu Hoang
Author of When Good Becomes Great!

“There are people in the world who find pleasure at the expense of others. There are people who feel the need to put others down to validate their own mistakes and triumphs. There are people who are also just plain mean. Katinda takes the power away from these people by emphasizing that you are enough. The Big Comeback takes you on a full personal journey of struggling at the bottom and finding yourself on top.”

—Nikki Arnold

“Katinda has done a tremendous job at calling out the way we put ourselves down and emphasizing that this needs to stop. She gives the encouragement needed to let a person grow and be who they are capable of becoming. Through her guidance, uncover the reason behind your different anxieties and finally take control, and discover your unstoppable self.”

—Caroline Bachot
Author of The Fastest Way To Happiness

The Big Comeback is the win that every bullied person deserves. Repair the damage caused by other people, and even by yourself—start being the person you were meant to be. Katinda really goes deep into the trenches of self-doubt and reaches into your soul revealing your true magic within. Take her advice and wake up in a world where you can be confidently at peace with yourself and who you are. More importantly, find acceptance and realize that we are perfectly imperfect.”

—Cynthia Davis
Author of In Search of Wisdom