Empowerment Queen Katinda - The Star Of Empowering & Inspiring Women  To Unleash Their Magic And Live Life To The Fullest.

I Know You Want The Power To: 

  • Understand and get rid of FEAR the no. 1 factor that is holding you back.
  •  Learn how to love yourself first.
  • Build your confidence and overcome challenges that will come your way.
  • Eliminate negative self-talk and create a positive mindset.
  • Learn how to communicate your feelings to yourself.
  • Live your life to the fullest while unleashing your magic to the world.
  • Know what steps of action are needed to achieve your goals.

And I Am Here To Support You Achieve Your Magic.


Hi, I'm Katinda Ndola, Author, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Empowerment Queen.

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Why Do I Do This:

As a 10 year old in primary school I was tall and skinny and got teased and bullied about my long skinny legs. The other students called me daddy long legs which in those days just made me cry, hate myself & also hated going to school so much.

As I became a teenager I started to hate my body more, I felt worthless and struggled with poor self-esteem & body image issues. I hid the pain from everyone and always pretended to be happy and smiling (sound familiar). The pain inside was killing me. I started to wonder what type of woman I would become when I grew up. I had so many insecurities in fact I pushed myself to become a model because I wanted to feel and look beautiful which did not make things easier.

As a young adult in the modelling industry it was cut-throat, very competitive beauty market with so much pressure to look a certain way. My friends always looked confident but I hated everything about my body because I was constantly comparing myself to others and was never happy with myself & the way I looked or the clothes I wore.

After many years of self sabotage, self neglect, low self esteem, stress and depression NO SELF LOVE, I decided to do something about it. My quest for life led me to a personal discovery journey with the best thought leaders in the world.

It was an eye opener which gave me the tools to understand human behaviour to fix my own life and the opportunity to launching this Confidence and Self Esteem Strategy Program.

The program is for women who are struggling with body image, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and above all FEAR. After all, I have been there and know how difficult it is to cope with these challenges, and wanted to turn that havoc that I went through as a kid, teenager and young adult into a purpose driven message.

Many women have the fear of being judged and most of the stories they share with me have never been shared before with anyone else.

Through my years of working with women I have heard stories after stories about women who struggle with low self esteem & lack of self worth, having to say Yes to Boys because they believe if they didn’t nobody else will love them (sounds familiar), getting bullied into doing things they regret later such as sending nude pictures online and having immense fear of the unknown.

It  has become a daily routine for women to ring and email me wanting to share their experiences and ask for support & empowerment.

Many women have the fear of being judged and most of the stories they share with me have never been shared before with anyone else. The women suffer in silence just like I did and don’t know what to do.

I now host Empowerment Workshops for women as well as online Empowerment programs to help women find their inner-strengths and to overcomes challenges.

I know what today’s woman is struggling with both inside and outside. Cut the excuses and let’s unleash your magic to the world.

I know what today’s woman is struggling with both inside and outside

Cut the excuses and let’s unleash your magic into the world.

You have no idea how many women think that loving themselves first is selfish but, it is very necessary. They have all sort of excuses “I am too busy, I don’t have time or it’s not important (sounds familiar).

The amount of pain, insecurities & struggles they go through leaves them burnt out, angry, stressed and don’t have a life or even a moment to themselves.