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How I started a Gratitude Journal

My journaling journey seriously took off when my father passed away suddenly. I remember asking him what he wrote in his diary everyday as a little girl. I didn’t know the difference between a diary and a journal until he tried to explain it to me. He told me that it was important to write down your thoughts and feelings as well as any challenges you underwent and their solutions on a daily basis.

It never made sense until the day I had to write his eulogy and while I was reflecting on his life I realised, how important it was to be grateful for the gifts of life. It then became an inspired addiction which I am forever grateful that I can fulfil this spiritual promise to myself.

 The best thing about practicing gratitude is, it allows us to welcome positive thoughts, which makes us happier and healthier. Gratitude changes the heart’s rhythm faster than any other positive reaction or feeling, and when we vibrate with the energy of gratitude, we impact those around us.

When you feel and express gratitude for something, you honor, radiate, and magnetize it. In a profoundly beautiful way, your thankfulness is the affirmation of life, creation, and creator. And most importantly it becomes your legacy.

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Is Your Life At Least Worth More Than $1?

Is Fear Holding You Back From Your Brilliance?

Do You Believe That Love is Our Answer?

If you answered YES here is a challenge for you.

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