5 ways to not being alone on Valentine’s day


By: Katinda Ndola.  |  Feb, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Men and women everywhere are commencing their searches for the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurants. This year, Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday. If you’re not attached to that day, you or your date can arrange for Friday or Saturday. That should buy you some time to make a reservation. If you don’t have a date yet, it’s time to find one. Here is some advice of where to find yourself a date this Valentine’s.

1. Go out during happy hour.

It’s a great time to meet people. Restaurants won’t be too crowded, which will allow you to easily seek out your target and have a chat. You don’t have to go alone. Call your pals and get out there on a weeknight, after work.

2. Wear red.

This is one of those strange things that science supports. Red attracts attention to you and tends to give men confidence somehow. That’s what the study Red and Romantic Behaviour in Men Viewing Women found. I’ll vouch for it.  Red is attractive. You could even take it a step further. Wear a nice red dress and put your hair up. Maybe your dream guy will realize you’re attempting to attract a date!

3. Join a dating site, if you haven’t already.

Look around and find a reputable one that fits your needs. Upload a photo of yourself in red. Hey, it’s worth a shot. Then send some messages. Make sure you read about the dating sites best practices for online dating, so you give yourself the best chance possible.

4. You should also go to the gym, if you have access to one.

No, not so you can get in shape before Valentine’s day. Do this just to meet guys. How many times have you had to ask someone if they are done using a treadmill or a bench? Use that as an opportunity to start a conversation. Or, pretend you don’t know what you’re doing and ask for help. The best times to meet “good quality” men, according to Mirror, are before and after business hours.

5. Lastly, try attending a singles event in your area.

There are probably lots of options if you’re a city-dweller, but don’t overlook this opportunity if you’re in the countryside. Check sites like Meetup.com and search for “speed dating” or “singles”. In your local area.
Now that you’ve been offered some advice, go forth and find a potential date! It’s time to take massive action!

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